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About Us

Infinity Technologies is one of the newly formed website hosting companies in India. As our prime hosting services, we offer dedicated managed hosting, virtual private servers and shared managed hosting.

Infinity Technologies is experienced in all-round development for websites & software's. We the leading web solutions providers of web designing, web hosting, domain registration e-mail solutions, software development , PHP, Mysql, Linux server, networking and system integration in India .

Infinity Technologies, is also a offshore software development Company dedicated to providing very reasonably priced high quality IT services. Our company offers a wide variety of services including software testing, web design and web development. Our development work comprised several dozens projects in very different areas (implementation of advanced client-server systems, database development, web design and implementation of web-based systems, etc.).

High Reliability: We use the services of best specialists and from other countries. We have a well-organized logistics structure that makes it possible to use effectively the skills of these specialists. You can read about it in greater detail in Our Structure and Our Operational Procedures pages.

High Service Level: We offer a very wide selection of services to create, modify and test software and Web sites. Also we offer huge amount of Internet Marketing services. You can read about it in greater detail in Our Services page, speedy project implementation. Due to our strong creative resource we can form a large workgroup and implement your project in extremely short time interval. The distributed structure of Infinity Technologies possible for the Company to quickly adjust to the current client needs (size and number of workgroups, etc). You can read about it in greater detail at Our Structure page.

High Degree of Confidentiality : Very simple scheme for customer interaction. Our system of client relations is designed to make it as easy as possible for a client to work with us. Marketing research provided by our specialists confirms the effectiveness of this system. You can better understand by fixing an appointment with the company head by Client Interaction Procedure. Constant working resource availability. Due to our distributed structure (large number of teams) the Company has practically always a certain number of available specialists ready to start new projects. Therefore the goal of Infinity Technologies is to offer to our clients a very wide variety of extremely high quality services at a reasonable price. Being a unique company, we offer our clients unique working terms. The large number of our clients serves as a good confirmation of the fact.


Why Us ?

  1. Tripura is a developing state. We are ready to make it developed.
  2. We host your websites on reliable, highly secure data centres in India and the US.
  3. Our technical support team is readily available to handle all your concerns and queries.

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